Edward Saminathan, 24

ADDRESS Born, bred, studying and loving the city life in Kuala Lumpur.
FAMILY Dad mixes chemicals in the lab and mom's a household engineer. Two elder siblings, both in the hospitality industry in KL.
RELATIONSHIP Single BUT NOT AVAILABLE. Few close companions; made out of school buddies and cousins. And a sister; who shares an imaginary friend with me... LOL!!
RELIGION I'm a believer in God; but dislike self righteousness and preaching. I feel religion is personal, between a Believer and His Maker. It is an obligation, a disciplined way of life and the path to a better Afterlife. A moderate person would not claim his religion is better than others or defame other religions; he would demonstrate the greatness of his religion by his way of life.
EDUCATION Above average student; final phases of reading the black letters of the law..
CAREER Clueless.. That's why I'm the Peguambela with the question mark.
TRAVEL I love Langkawi. Even if I had all the money in the world, I would like a beachfront house there. Aspire to travel the world. And I fly AIR ASIA!!
TRANSPORTATION Perodua Mousedeer, Rapid KL and the KapChai to go buy my Ramlee burger..
LEISURE Lonely walks in the park, swimming, reading, blogging
SHOPPING Groceries: CENTRAL HYPERMARKET @OKR, Carrefour, Village Grocer and Cold Storage (for the finer things)
Toiletries: GUARDIAN pharmacies
Clothes: No preference of brands, I rather budget on clothes but I like GIORDANO, CONVERSE, SUBZERO (black), G2000 and ADIDAS..
DINING Ah.. My favourite part. I love to eat; though not picky but very predictable. Food courts and banana leaf when I work/study. I mamak at Steven's. Hangout at all the fast food outlets especially the A&W @ Taman Jaya. Love Chili's @ BSC, GEM's @ PJ. When possible, love to eat alone. And my childhood ambition was to be a chef and I still have a passion for cooking.

HANGOUT Starbucks, NEW ZEALAND NATURAL Ice Cream.. I'm teetotaller, don't smoke and got two left foot; hence never really got the party scene started. And I don't regret it either. 

GADGETS I'm happy with a cheap and easy to use phone which allows me to talk and sms and I wouldn't wallow if I got mugged or lost it.. Hence, it's a Nokia 1 series. My Apple iPod Nano is something I don't live home without. Still use a notepad and planner.
INTERNET Streamyx. I'm practically online anytime other than when I'm out and about.
MEDIA The Star is must have in the mornings; more out of habit than of the news. 
Love to read when there's spare cash for books. My last book being Khalid Hosseini's Kite Runner. Used to subscribe to Off The Edge; now get it occasionally if there's an interesting interview.
Not a cinema person; but enjoy watching local plays. TV programmes are so-so these days and have given up the sports channel as well. A good DVD and hot choc isn't too far from my idea of fun.
When not on the iPod, I listen to 
RED104.9FM; usually when driving.
Coldplay, The Killers, Alanis make my day..
POLITICS I'm very much a decided voter; but don't like the mudslinging, power-grabbing, hopping and wheeling-dealing that goes on. Partisan politics should not come in the way of our respect for democracy and the right to suffrage. Believes that the politician ought to honour his words and serve the people FULLSTOP.
PATRIOTIC I love my nation; and regardless what people say about my creed or race, I'm damn proud to be a MALAYSIAN!! I believe that our Constitution is the sacred bedrock of this great Nation and its people. I believe our Constitutional monarchy is there for everyone; not only certain quarters of society. And I believe the average Malaysian deserves BETTER than the racial card and religious sentiments used by certain groups who portray the higher moral ground.