Plans to leave and not return.. Good for her. Walking out is so easy for some people.

My life is here..

Cherita Kami.. 03/15/2009

The truth be told, it is as close as a story about us. Dramatized by the best movie director this land as seen. Someone who remains herself but chooses to be a MALAYSIAN..

TALENTIME. Cinemas nationwide March 26th.


Drama Keluarga.. 03/15/2009

I have no time for these ridiculous family squabbles that the older generation like to get into.. I mean who cares about caste and what their family is; if the two individuals getting married love each other, the guy can provide and the girl can nurture.. SO BE IT!!

Stand aside and watch them. Bless them if you wish. Shut up if you don't..

Then you have the types who forget the past just because they are better off today. Those who put up a smile in front of you but literally slander you behind.. Those who once cared and adored you; who today even refuse to take an offered hand. Who refuse to respect their elders; who had the conscience to give them advice.. Those who in good times and bad remain your well wishers..

I care enough for her; but I know deep inside, her heart is filled with vain, jealousy, hatred and some bizarre complex.. So, you and I is OVER!! The days of being obliged and kind is OVER!! I know one day, you will bad-mouth me as well.

So, I'm walking out before that...  Saya tidak suka extended family commitments!!


I don't know.. But silence on a gloomy Saturday morning just adds to my heartache.. Pinning for someone.. "WHERE ARE YOU?"

The sun peeks from behind the clouds; floods the trees with light and the dew from the morning rain glistening.. "WHERE ARE YOU MY SUNSHINE?"

I dial the number again and again, and all I get is "The person you called is unavailable. Please try again later.."



ps. UPDATED 03/16/2009

Called them this morning; they haven't gotten it yet..

Today, Che visited the pharmacy of the University Hospital. Now, the UH is a teaching hospital under the Ministry of Higher Education. It is not a government hospital per se like the HKL, Serdang or Selayang Hospitals. Pensioners get free treatment; the normal man on the streets pays slightly higher but still considerably cheaper than private healthcare..

Now, I have to say I have nothing against this hospital. All three of us were born there, the vet has been a diabetic patient there since ages and in the aftermath of the August accident, the best of medical attention and treatment has been at our disposals. Similarly, they are continuing to monitor his HCC today. But I was flabbergasted today nonetheless..

On handing in his prescription this morning, the answer I got left me baffled. "We have no supplies of insulin." YES, NO SUPPLY!! "When would it be available?" I asked. "I don't know, we are waiting for the suppliers; so here take this number, try calling next week" the disinterested lady at the counter (more like interested in talking to the person next to her) replied. Now, I left. Pissed and all; but making a commotion is not my trait.

Now it's not the time taken to travel there, the gas and parking hassle that pissed me off. It's the lackadaisical attitude. Insulin is an ESSENTIAL medication for regulation of blood sugar. There is NO REAL ALTERNATIVE for a diabetic-dependent patient. So really, how can the hospital pharmacy fail to stock up? Now, we have no problems going to the neighbourhood CARING pharmacy and getting it. Costs a bomb but we can afford it..

But what about the government pensioners and the not so fortunate who need this medicine? Where are they to go? Where did the system fail?


SAYA TAK SUKA MONOPOLI DI MALAYSIA!! Sebab yang selalu terkena tempias buruknya rakyat biasa yang membayar wang untuk perkhidmatan yang tak seberapa..

Dasar monopolisme oleh sebuah kerajaan adalah untuk memastikan kebajikan rakyat terjamin. Di Malaysia, 'state' dah lama lepas tangan. Dasar Penswastaan Negara membolehkan syarikat-syarikat utiliti dan kemudahan awam dikorporatkan. Ada yang dinaikkan ke Bursa Malaysia dan menjadi kaunter 'blue chip'.

Semuanya OK pada nama dan 'balance sheet'. Keuntungan kadang-kala berbilion-bilion; kadang-kala kerugiannya pun berbilion-bilion. CEOnya gaji besar dan lembaga pengarahnya elaun tinggi.. Bila lingkup, terpaksa dimiliknegarakan semula. Tapi perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan 'half past six'.. Marx menggeleng kepala; monopolisme berjumpa kapitalisme membawa kepada keparahan..

Over-dramatic tapi masalah kecil. Streamyx buat hal lagi. Dari tengah hari semalam hinggalah petang ini, baru sekarang dapat DSL yang stabil. Che naik geram. Sebulan bayar RM77; sehari RM2.57.. Dan kerap pula sekarang. Semenjak TM menambah port di kawasan ini untuk meningkatkan penetrasi jalur lebar di kawasan ini (mendapatkan lebih ramai pelanggan tanpa meningkatkan kemampuan infrastrukutur).

Lupakan CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.. Ini CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RESPONSIBILITY.. Kenapa pelanggan sedia ada yang menerima natijah kerana syarikat-syarikat ini ingin menambah pelanggan. Kalau sistem ada sudah mencapai tahap kemampuan maksima, sama ada ada menambah kemampuan sistem anda atau JANGAN TERIMA PELANGGAN BARU!! Memang malu; tapi kalau tak mampu jangan penetratelah!!

Jangan anak tirikan pelanggan sedia ada kerana tamak haloba. Monopolisme bukan bermaksud ambil kesempatan ke atas rakyat.. P1 WIMAX, Che semakin hampir pada mu...

ps. Maaf atas penggunaan 'innuendos'..


I met a person; who I think is better than me.. More confident; more capable, much talented and perhaps even smarter.. Perhaps, it's ego or some vulnerability, but I feel SMALL..


My graduating class this year constitutes of at least a 150 souls. Some who are young cikus attempting to break in to the legal profession, some professionals bount on improving themselves, leaving their current jobs and breaking in to the legal profession (some who are legal secretaries and clerks etc.) and some senior citizens who believe in life-long education.

And because everybody's aspiring to graduate in KLCC* this December, the hottest topic this revision is about the As, Bs and Cs. I mean results per papers that is. Unlike previous years, where the million dollar question is "Can we pass all the papers?" In total, we have 12 papers; 4 papers (3 years) or 3 papers (4 years - MY OPTION). Of that the lastl 8 papers go into your the tabulation of the student's class ie. first class, second upper and lower and utterly useless third class; not to mention the disgraceful general pass.

Now the passing class is really within the discretion of the University. It may be a question on the number of A's or B's you get; the overall total marks, whether they think you'll be compatible lawyer etc. The perils of an external programme is the only thing that the examiner would know about you is your answer scripts. Now, I was told by reliable sources, that I have the Second Lower safely in my bag unless disaster strikes come May. That would be the bare minimum to pursue my Certificate in Legal Practice if I so wish to practice in Malaysia. So hearing some of these kids lamenting that they need all B's this year to get that bare minimum makes me heave a sigh of relief. I worked hard before and I going to work a little harder now..

The funniest thing I heard this week is what people talk behind my back. Apparently, I'm a case study for my lecturers on how my average marks don't justify the fact that I'm great in class, have an opinion on almost everything and hand in perfect assignments. And that everybody thinks I can make it in this profession. People actually think I'll be an excellent lawyer.. WOW!! Then again, Che is an ordinary guy. Let's just keep them guessing..

*KLCC denotes Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre; where our graduation is held..


When Bruce Springsteen pens a song for your movie, it's either personal or you got a heck of a movie in your hand. Noteworthy songs by THE BOSS include Secret Garden (from Jerry Maguire), Streets of Philadelphia (Academy Award-winning song from Philadelphia) and now this, The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke. You might have heard his other song The Rising on Obama's victory night.. Baffles me, why after winning a Golden Globe for this song; he was unceremoniously left of the nomination list for an Academy Award. Bunch of "slumdog" Academy members!!



When you wish for others to have the basic freedoms; what you're essentially doing is wishing you yourself can enjoy that freedoms. So when you say others must have the freedom to profess their faith of choice; deep inside you hope that others will allow you the same freedom to say your prayers in peaceful means.

What John Rawls said above goes to the basic essence of community life; that we live in a society where there are others who may be like us, or sometimes different from us. Unlike many who would like to say their different Gods because of the names we use to call Him or the way we worship, the religious practices we adhere to staunchly; I like to think that we all have just One Creator. YES, JUST ONE.. Because eventually and quite rationally speaking, there can't be different Gods just because of our differences. And I mean God here as an universal figure; not scripture-based.

Of course, I'm idealistic and probably living in utopia. Yesterday, a very staunch Christian lecturer of mine revised the topic of "law and morality" with us. Now, whenever he teaches; the great thing is that he doesn't attempt to preach; but he tries to bring human beings closer with virtues that all the great religions of the world teach. Simple things like morality for example.

Yesterday's class was an eye-opening affair. Whether it was coincidental or not, his theme of whether morality is rational or emotional; and how human beings are affected by this two factors seem to answer a few questions I was pondering. YES, getting life's answers in Jurisprudence revision.